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Soft pillows allow the head to sink in while providing enough cushion and support to maintain a flat position of the upper torso, head, and neck. A mattress cover provides a barrier between you and the allergens already residing in your bed. Shredded memory foam pillows — a pillow with shredded pieces of memory foam clusters as the fill, which makes it more flexible and moldable. One enthusiastic reviewer wrote: "In the two months since I purchased the pillow, it's provided my tired head with that elusive sweet spot: firm and supportive, but with just enough give to make it comfortable. Zoma Performance Pillow. Time to upgrade your entire bed set?

What is Hypoallergenic Bedding?

Latex Allergies

Her first book was published in Unfortunately, like rayon and other types of fabric, the production of cotton often results in toxic chemicals being released into the environment. Pets and humid environments can also encourage bacteria on your pillow. Highly recommended for cost effective pillows : ". Unfortunately the bamboo fabric, i. The soft and elegant charcoal bamboo material on the cover wicks away moisture and is naturally renewable.

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Common natural pillowcase materials are cotton and linen. This provides an eco-friendly pillow that is durable, eliminates any sinking feeling and can be cooler than traditional memory foam. This may mean moving the heirloom comforter to another bed in the house, but it does not mean you have to sacrifice comfort. If you're less than comfortable when you lay your head down every night, your pillow might be getting in the way of quality sleep. PlushBeds wool pillow is handmade in America and is cruelty free. Great for stomach sleepers, this pillow can be as flat or plump as you like.
Hypoallergenic pillows use materials naturally resistant to foreign particles. To call a bamboo pillow hypoallergenic is, at best, an overstatement. The tradeoff is a significantly higher price tag. The pillow's percent cotton cover blocks allergens and the long, soft shape holds your neck, hips, and knees in alignment for pain-free sleep. The Layla pillow has a 5-year warranty and a night sleep trial. Back sleepers mostly only need one pillow. Memory foam pillows are anti-microbial, resisting mold and dust mites.
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